Gyroscopes In Android Phones Can Be Turned Into Always-on Microphones | Android |

The Zoe beta lets you create highlight videos like you have always been able to on HTC One devices, but adds in a social element where you can have friends remix your highlight video and add in their own photos and Zoes (3 second videos), as well as customize the video with different themes and music. There are 12 themes shown in Zoe and you can add your own custom music as well. You can follow others within Zoe, like their videos, and comment on their videos. HTC has created a video sharing social network with Zoe. I look forward to times when multiple friends or family attends events and then work together to create highlight videos that capture many different viewpoints. People had to buy HTC phones to get these kinds of experiences, but now they work fine on other Android devices.
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is about $47,000 annually. In India it’s just $3,560, according to the World Bank . One of these groups is “poor” by comparison. Yesterday, market research group IDC published some data that makes this case far more cogently than we’ve been able to so far.
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Still Don’t Believe Android Is For The Poor? This Chart Proves It – Yahoo Finance

A recent teaser for a talk being held by security researchers from Stanford University and defense firm Rafael, reveals an interesting way in which many Android phones could already possess always-listening capabilities by exploiting the gyroscope. Most smartphones have gyroscopes. They are typically viewed as mostly harmless, and used for things like games or determining when you have flipped your phone over to silence a call. As it turns out, the gyroscopes used in most Android phones are capable of detecting vibrations within a range that includes the human voice. This means that if someone were to write an app to use the gyroscope as a microphone, theres a good chance that app could pick up your voice. Since the gyroscope is viewed by the Android OS as a simple tool that doesnt need security permissions, it is also possible that someone could design a gyrophone app to be installed without your knowledge and the phone would do very little to stop the app from recording you.
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Apple Needs iPhone 6 To Stem Market Share Losses

Thats about 25 million people looking to upgrade their iPhone in the U.S. alone, according to Quartz . But loyalty only goes so far to boost shipments and sales. Apple iPhone 6 sales are likely to come from the approximately 25 million existing iPhone users looking to upgrade in the next six months. ComScore Another place of growth for Apple may come from the emerging markets, which widely favor larger screen devices, according to market research firm Jana . While Android continues to focus on mid- and low-end devices in emerging markets, Apple could resource potentially snatch away market share from high-end large screen devices with the iPhone 6.
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Here’s the hands-on BlackBerry Passport video you’ve been clamoring for [Updated] – Yahoo News

retailer Carphone Warehouse that gives us a nice little hands-on demonstration of BlackBerrys upcoming smartphone that will go head-to-head with the iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4 this September. FROM EARLIER: BlackBerry: Consumers are clamoring for our new square smartphone . In the video, Carphone Warehouse shows off some of the Passports outside-the-box features such as the new touch-sensitive physical keyboard that essentially doubles as a giant trackball that will let you scroll up and down on pages just by running your fingers over itskeys. Carphone Warehouse also praises the Passports wide square display, which it points out is terrific for everyone who loves reading and editing spreadsheets on their smartphones. In other words, it looks like the Passport will be a tool, not a toy , that can be used for real work.
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